Summer Foldable Dog Swimming Pool

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Summer Foldable Dog Swimming Pool
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Do your pets love being outside?

We want to make those hot summer days more enjoyable for you and the furry four-legged companions in your life! Unlike a standard, plastic, off-the-shelf baby pool, this pool is made for dogs and is built to last. Have peace of mind knowing that the pool won’t leak or tear, while your pooch cools off from the heat. As a plus, your kids can even join in on the fun!



This doggy pool is deep enough for your pet to sit, stand, or swim to partake in your fun backyard fun on hot days. Let your toddlers and young children bond with your dog too in the water — all with peace of mind, thanks to the sturdy-PVC build of the pool structure. Not pool season? Use the pool as a place for bathing your dog or letting your young ones enjoy some aquatic fun. Foldable and portable, you can move and store this pool whenever it’s not in use!



PORTABLE – It can be folded up in a small sizeeasy to store and bring with you and your dog everywhere.

EASY TO SET UP – No need for inflationset up in no time. With bottom/side drain, easy to drain and refresh water. Note: small size without the drain valve.



EASY TO SET UP – Who has time to pump air and inflate? This ready-to-go pool sets up in no time. When cool-off time is over, simply open the side drain to release water. Note: The red (small size) option does not include a drain valve.

DURABLE – Made of extra-tough PVC, this pool is thick on the sides and thicker on the bottom for splish-splash support that’s built to last.

SAFE TO USE – Designed with water safety in mind, discover a slip-resistant, durable heavy-duty bottom and wrapped pool edges to prevent wear and punctures.




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Reviews (35)

35 reviews for Summer Foldable Dog Swimming Pool

  1. G***a

    Dogs love this so much — easy to fill and empty to clean

  2. H***n

    Durability seems OK but it’s only been a week so it has not really been tested. I am not using this for a dog, I am using it for my ducks. After one week I went to drain and clean only to find out that the drain connection doesn’t fit a regular garden hose. I was unaware of this and so was a little disappointed.

  3. U***a

    Better than an inflatable kiddie pool. Get an electric pump, and you can water you plants when you are done soaking.

  4. V******a

    I have three BIG dogs and they can all get in to cool off comfortably. My 15 year old can get in and out with ease and so far it seems tough enough for the one year old. Great product that I’m going to enjoy all summer!

  5. R****a

    LOVE IT!!!

  6. I****n

    This is a great pool, my shitzu and I absolutely love it, it is the perfect size, easy to fill, easy to drain

  7. J****a

    Perfect! Fast delivery! Photo and size as on the description

  8. M****a

    This pool is awesome. We were buying those little kiddie pools but they didn’t last long. We have an 80lb dog and this is perfect for him. After his bath we open the plug to let the water drain, let it dry out then fold it up. We are actually able to fold it and put it back in the plastic bag it came in! How unusual is that?? So glad I bought this. Very well made. Worth every penny.

  9. B****a

    OMG, Our Newfie puppy loves it! And I love how easy it is to empty, clean and fold up. Here is a video of our Newfie enjoying the first time she figured out how to get in the pool herself. I would absolutely recommend this pool to anyone who is looking for one.

  10. G*****a

    I love this pool, well what matters more is that my pup loves it and he did….played in it for hours on the first day of use. It is made of a good quality and holds the water nicely, much better than the cheap plastic ones I have purchased in the past. This one folds up nicely when not in use, great purchase, highly recommend it if your pup loves water or your looking for something to bath your pup in.

    Look at that face in the pic, all smiles…pup approved!

  11. V*****a

    Strong, my puppy loves it. I may try to find a bigger one for next summer. Easy to set up. Took maybe 3 minutes. took 10 to fill. So easy.

  12. A*****e

    This worked perfect for us. Our goldendoodle had puppies. This worked well to help keep them corralled when they were first born. I really like the small foot print it has when storing it. Noe just waiting for summer and doggie baths and the next litter of pups.

  13. C*****a

    One 32kg black lab in 32* heat, this was a life saver… he loved paddling and sitting in it! Down side caught him trying to dig s hole, lucky caught him before he made a hole! Sturdy sides and survived a bite… very pleased with purchase

  14. L***y

    I use this in the summer when my dogs need to cool down, but it’s also useful to use as a bath. You could even use it as a bed. It’s very sturdy and it’s still going strong a year or so later. Very well made.

  15. V*****a

    Only had a week but nice quality, not the cheapest on the market, but the base is plastic but decent quality.

  16. M***k

    Perfect for keeping my dog cool in the summer. A new one had to be purchased as girl would not be happy if there was no pool for those hot days.

  17. E***r

    It was very easy to setup. Large enough for a good size dog or kid.

  18. S*****y

    My dog Akela loves her new pool!

  19. M****l

    Very good value for money. Our retriever puppy made full use of his new paddling pool during the recent hot spell. Very happy, would recommend

  20. J******e

    Very durable, easy to set up and folds up small and flat for easy storage. We use it as an indoor enclosure for our tortoise and she likes to dig so we needed something tough. She did eventually dig through it but it took her awhile and her claws are quite a bit larger than a dog’s. Since it’s not too expensive we bought another to replace it. I think I will buy another for my son for next summer because it’s so much stronger than an inflatable pool and so much easier to store than a plastic one!

  21. D****l

    I absolutely love it! We ordered it and it’s perfect fit for him and me! Super easy to take down, clean and durable! Highly recommend!

  22. A*****x

    No complaints! Thanks

  23. H*****n

    It is awesome. My two German shepherds love it…and our golden friend likes it. As you can see..its great! Sturdy for a collapsible pool! Nothing but fun!

  24. F****a

    My pup instantly jumped in, I had to hold her to let me fill it! Thanks!

  25. T******a

    This is a great pool that my chihuahua goes crazy for. Every time we go out into the backyard, he likes to make a trip inside of it before we go do other things. Its larger than I need for him since he is little but having all the extra space is better because I throw in toys and treats for him to find.

  26. S***a

    My dog loves her Pool!!!

  27. T******y

    We just received this pool and have used it once. It did not leak when filled and appears very sturdy. It will not stand up fully until filled to the fill line. The lining appears to be tough enough for trimmed dog nails. It wasn’t as large as I had pictured, but will just hold my two Golden Retrievers side by side. Luckily, they like to jump in and out anyway. The pool is lightweight and easy to handle. This will be lovely as the summer heats up for a fun cool down or to bath them.

  28. T****a

    Great size!! Very sturdy!!

  29. P*****r

    It’s not easy to clean. Folds when cleaning but otherwise it is great. Dogs absolutely love it!

  30. L****a

    Ahhhh!! So excited about this. 😍 So far it seems like great quality.If you dog likes to dig in water I probably wouldn’t suggest – otherwise 10/10!!

  31. R*****l

    These dogs have destroyed some tough toys. 3 hours of this up with random playing, digging, and jumping in and out. It still seems to be holding up well! Sturdy side walls and thick liner, unlike cheap kids pools. Which the dogs destroyed in 2 seconds. So this has surpassed my expectations and both dogs now love the water!

  32. L***a

    Absolutely perfect for our two big dogs. So fun to watch them jump right in on a warm day and soak in the cool water. I wish we bought this long ago.

  33. E****y

    Perfect for my two Siberian pups!

  34. R****r

    It’s very sturdy & collapses easily. The material seems really durable.

  35. M******a

    We’ve gone through several kiddie type pools and usually the dogs pop or eat them :/ this one is sturdy and the kids and dogs loved it!

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